About the Film


In this magic realist film, a young ambitious academic embarks on a quest to unravel the mystery of a famous British traveler’s disappearance in 19th century India. His search for the truth results in encounters with a crazy physicist and an exotic female, which leads him to some other dimension.

Our Filmmakers

Olga Holtz, Writer/DirectorOlga Holtz, Writer & Director

Olga is an independent filmmaker and screenwriter trained as a producer & director at the Berkeley Digital Film Institute in 2012-13. She has written a feature-length adaptation of “Dark Matter”, a novel by Aner Shalev, and is working on getting it produced. The Zahir is the first film she directed in the spring of 2013 based on her original short script. She is also a professor of mathematics in Berkeley and Berlin.

Petr Jankular, ProducerPetr Jankular, Producer

Petr came to United States in 2008 and lived for a year in NYC. When he moved to California, he found a passion in making movies. He graduated in producing and directing from the Berkeley Digital Film Institute. Currently, he and his two partners, William Sweezer and Zack Schaffer, owners of Digital Moon Productions, are working on pursuing the filmmakers’ dream.

Will Green, CinematographerWilliam Green, Director of Photography

Will is a cinematographer who lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area. He specializes in shooting short and feature length narrative films and music videos.

Our Cast

Ryder Darcy HeadshotRyder Darcy as Ed Franklin

Ryder Darcy’s passion for acting began in early childhood with an exploration of character not fully appreciated by his kindergarten teacher, who requested that he leave tails, horns and masks at home.  In high school he was a company member of the acclaimed ACT Young Conservatory appearing in several world premiere productionsIn addition to numerous acting classes at ACT, his training includes summer programs at UCLA and California State Summer School of the Arts as well as a full range of performance classes and stage performances at SSU and SFSU. He has studied Stage Combat and Fight Choreography with professional stuntman Ed Douglas, Movement with B.J. Dodge and Yukihiro Goto and Dell’ Arte Physical Comedy with Michael Fields. His awards include ACT Distinguished Young Artist, California Theater Arts Scholar Governor’s Medallion and the Evert Person Scholarship for Theater Arts.

Ramya Vijayan HeadshotRamya Vijayan as The Zahir

Ramya Vijayan has a deep love for performing arts. She has been trained in the Indian classical dance form of Bharatanatyam, which is a unique dance form that binds poetry, music, dance, acting and gestures to tell deeply moving stories. She frequently performs with her dance company. She has also been performing for several theater companies around the bay area. She recently worked with Anna Budd at Canada Theatre Arts, on their last play emergenciPhone and also with the All Terrains Theater company in their last production for the International Home Theater Festival. She has also been featured in Mausaki’s latest music video “Subah Subah Ki”

Jay Laurence HeadshotJay Laurence as Professor Espinoza

Jay is a native San Franciscan, briefly appeared in the featured films Milk (uncredited) and the Master (as a VA patient).  He was the lead in two music videos – All the Same – Epidemic Film festival’s 2013 winner for best music video and The Trophy Fire – Tired Eyes.  He also appeared as Dave the weatherman in a Scary Cow production titled Buddhist News Network.  He is in an independent film titled Rice (currently in post production) and in addition to The Zahir has been in a dozen or so other short films. Jay is most grateful to his supporting wife – Lilli.

Saif Ali HeadshotSaif Ali as Rajesh

Saif was born in New Delhi where he spent 23 years before moving to the United States. In 2007 he started performing with the improv ensemble thursProv and studied improvisation for 3 years before moving to acting. Saif most recently appeared in the the romantic comedy All the Wrong Moves that is in post-production and Yussef El-Guindi’s award-winning play 10 Acrobats in an Amazing Leap of Faith that premiered at the CounterPULSE theatre. Saif currently attends scene-study workshops at the Beverly Hills Playhouse and previously studied at A.C.T and BATS Improv.

Sara SchoonoverSara Muender (Schoonover) as Morgan

Sara’s on-camera experience began at the age of 15 for Cocola Broadcasting Companies. She later worked as a TV host, and then transitioned into various acting roles. Sara and her husband are recent transplants from San Diego. Sara enjoys cooking, baking, yoga, and hiking with Harley and Macy (two canines of the boxer and shepherd variety).