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What we Need to Accomplish in Our Film

and what your donations will allow us to do:

  • add an additional filming day and hire a professional steadicam operator to film a series of important and very beautiful moving scenes
  • acquire special stock footage to enhance the last scene of the film
  • finish edit of the film and lock the picture
  • hire a professional sound designer to complete sound design, including foley, music and sound effects
  • add special VFX shots to bring up the intensity of multiple scenes
  • acquire and secure music rights
  • create an original graphics design for credits, website, movie poster, DVD cover
  • have the movie professionally color graded
  • submit this film to domestic and international film festivals
  • pay our amazing cast
  • organize a screening and party for you, cast and crew

Why is Reaching Our Funding Goal Important?

We need to reach our goal to do justice to all aspects of remaining production and post-production. We have preliminary agreements with highly professional artists, editors and designers. Their work is absolutely crucial — it separates great films from the mediocre.